3 Actions in Single Opportunity-International Teaching Internship Program


In order to prepare students for becoming teacher in the future, Semarang State University delegated ten students for joining teaching internship program in Vietnam. Those students are expected to obtain experiences and develop the skills of teaching as well. I am fortune and privileged become a part of this program. I have been enjoying during this program since our departure on September 5th 2016 until the end of October 2016. I literally expect that this program will guide me how to teach and adapt in foreign country which has different education system and environtment as well.

During this program I volunteer in Nguyen Tat Thanh (NTT) High School which is located in 136 Đường Xuân Thuỷ, Quận Cầu Giấy, Ha Noi Vietnam. I have been challenged to teach students over there due to my method in learning must be adjusted based on Vietnamese education system. Fortunately it ran smoothly. I have been entrusted to handle English lesson and Physics lesson. NTT’s students are very active and enthusiastic along the learning process. Almost whole students at class raised up their hands when I asked some questions to them. This situation triggered me to improve and enhance my quality of teaching. I prefer to say that my 1st Action in term of international teaching internship program is that Teaching in different situation and learn how to increase its quality.

I realize that my activities in Vietnam aren’t only represent my university but also represent Indonesia. Semarang State University is a conservation university. It means that I as one of its student must act according to the conservation values. I am here as one of young generation of Indonesian as well. I need to contribute my role as Indonesian in order to promote our culture in international world. While I teach in Vietnam, I have time to show them how Indonesian culture is. At September 26th 2016, I have been given chance to train Vietnamese students traditional dancing of Indonesia (Semarangan-Dance and Geol Denok Semarang-Dance). Then, we performed together in front of whole students and staff of NTT. I really wonder that it was fantastically memorable. Furthermore, in particular time students asked me to sing traditional song of Indonesia, and it can be perfect time to show them how the uniqueness of Indonesian cultures. The students also showed us how Vietnamese culture look like. I showed my culture, and they showed their culture. Therefore, I can say that Cultural Exchange become my 2nd Action during teaching internship program.

I am student of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty. That’s why I have been axpected to do educational research during this program. This research aimed as my bachelor-degree thesis. I can do my educational research project along this program due to I recieved supports from many parties. The pricipal of NTT warmly welcomed my research and she gave me English teacher as my second consultant. My first consultant is vice principle of NTT and he is also physics lecturer in Hanoi National University of Education. At the end of my educational research, I invited to present and share information about my research and my physics department in Seminar of Physics Department of Hanoi National University of Education (will be held in Wednesday October 26, 2016). I prefer to say that my 3rd Action in teaching internship program is research and contributing in seminar of physics education in Hanoi National University of Education.


“Being outstanding student isn’t about how many achievements they have, but how many contributions they can do”-Aan Priyanto

Hanoi, October 24, 2016
Aan Priyanto
Physics Education, Semarang State University, INDONESIA.


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