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Chemistry in Education

  • chemistry learning, media and evaluation.
  • philosophy and chemistry education theory.

Chemistry in Education is issued two times per year, each of them includes articles of research and conceptual analysis results on the chemical education field. To memorize important events or agenda of institution, it is posible to publish a special issue.

April and October

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Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Kimia

  • chemistry learning and education
  • chemical technology

Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Kimia is a scientific periodical published by the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Semarang State University, with the aim to promote creativity scholarly professors or academics from various institutions in general and the academic community intern Semarang State University in particular. The article published scientific literature contains research results, conceptually, as well as book reviews in the field of chemical technology.

January and July

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